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W. Somerset Maugham, Writer: Quartet. Popular British novelist, playwright, short-story writer and the highest-paid author in the world in the s, Somerset Maugham graduated in from St.

Thomas' Medical School and qualified as a doctor, but abandoned Born: Jan 25, ― W. Somerset Maugham, THEATRE ABOUT THEATRE In Theatre, W. Somers et Maugham–the author of the classic novels Of Human Bondage and Up at the Villa–introduces us to Julia Lambert, a woman of breathtaking poise and talent whose looks have stood by her forty-six years.

Infanzia e istruzione. Il padre di Maugham era un avvocato inglese che si occupava delle questioni legali dell'ambasciata britannica a Parigi. Poiché secondo la legge francese tutti i bambini nati sul suolo francese potevano essere chiamati alla leva per il servizio militare, Robert Ormond Maugham fece in modo che William nascesse nell'ambasciata.

Theatre is a novel by the British writer W. Somerset Maugham, first published in by William Heinemann (UK) and Doubleday Doran (US).

Below is a complete listing of all broadcasts of the Saturday Night Theatre title.

The novel describes a successful actress and her husband, a theatre manager; her life and career is disturbed by an stormy affair with a young accountant. William Neil Smith, architect. Built by Walter C.

Jordan and managed by the Shuberts, who bought it in They sold it (during a U.S.

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antitrust investigation) to Billy Rose, who refurbished it, renamed it after himself, and reopened it in Theatre. By W. Somerset Maugham. Fiction Classics / Classics / Contemporary Fiction. Favourite Tom and Ella have lots of lovely toys to play with!

There’s a fluffy teddy bear, a shiny plane and a scaly dinosaur. Little ones will love exploring the different textures and choosing their favourite toy.

Theatre maugham
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Theatre by W. Somerset Maugham