Define underwriting agreement

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Definition of MLP Underwriting Agreement

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Standby Underwriting

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The National Association of Mortgage Underwriters® (NAMU®) is the voice of today's mortgage underwriter. NAMU® provides mortgage underwriting training classes & loan underwriter certification.

Find mortgage underwriting jobs. Definition of UNDERWRITING AGREEMENT: Contract for purchase of securities between the underwriter and the issuer of The Law Dictionary Featuring Black's Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.

Foundations aims to inform its readers with simple stories that relate everyday challenges to illustrate how mastery of business fundamentals – a solid foundation – is key to the execution of inspiring visions, motivated staff and the competitive advantage that results.

Standby underwriting is an IPO sales agreement in which the underwriter agrees to purchase all shares remaining after the public sale.

Health Reimbursement Account

MLP Underwriting Agreement means the underwriting agreement dated June 27,among the MLP, the General Partner, Ferrell and the Underwriters named in Schedule I thereto providing for the purchase of Common Units by such Underwriters.

Define underwriting agreement
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