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List of Abbreviations used in Banking Industry

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The BFSI Sector Skill Council of India. The BFSI Sector Skill Council of India is set up to bring leading organizations of the BFSI industry together to create strategies and operational plans that will create standardized skill requirements for the various job roles in the industry. We are looking for young, energetic, and innovative minds who can be imparted with the necessary knowledge and skills required to be good all-round bankers through a (nine) months Post Graduate Certificate in Banking and Finance course in Baroda Manipal School of Banking.

We’re Proud of Our Military Background. Scott Credit Union was founded in May of by a group of visionaries from Scott Field who decided to create a local credit union where the average person could save and borrow money.

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has done the provisional allotment for the qualified candidates of Common Written Examination (CWE)-III from reserved list for the post of Probationary Officer and Clerks.

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