Athenian imperialism and her changing relations allies

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Delian League

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nature of Athenian imperialism; changing relations with allies key democratic developments: influence of the thetes, ostracism, citizenship law 3 Athens and Sparta impact of Persian Wars nature, composition and activities of the Peloponnesian League: Spartan responses to Athenian imperialism.

Nature of Athenian Imperialism Changing Relations with Allies Lars Hoogvliet After the conclusion of the Persian Wars (BC) with Athens being the true victor, and before the Peloponnesian War, a period of prosperity covered Athens, and they needed to devise new ways to protect themselves and expand their wealth, and how this would affect their relations with allies.

Nature of Athenian Imperialism Changing Relations with Allies Lars Hoogvliet After the conclusion of the Persian Wars (BC) with Athens being the true victor, and before the Peloponnesian War, a period of prosperity covered Athens, and they needed to devise new ways to protect themselves and expand their wealth, and how this would affect their relations with allies.

Through the changing relationships between Athens and her allies the transformation from Delian League to Athenian Empire is made clear.

Despite the peace treaties following these walls were complete. until the earthquake in Sparta and resulting helot (slave) rebellion in BCE.

Athenian Imperialism and her Changing Relations with Allies and Athens being the democratic freedom-loving state.

This could have resulted from Athenian control of the League, and realizing the splendors of power, Athens was diverted from her true path of Greek freedom, to controlling the world.

Chapter 4 The Persian and Greek World. Section 3 War and Empire in the Aegean (CA. B.C.) a vision of man that was the product of fifth century Athens. Athenian Imperialism and the Peloponnesian War. eventually full-scale war broke out between Sparta and her allies and the Athenian empire in B.C.

For the next thirty years the.

Athenian imperialism and her changing relations allies
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